Sharing to Others

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There is little use in sharing life-shattering news to others. They don’t know what to do or say, so they offer “prayers” and thoughts. As if they do this regularly anyway.

They are burdened to say something. We expect nothing, but we are not comforted by their efforts.

So sharing with others is of little use.


“Too Young”

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What do they mean by, “He is too young?” “She was too young.”

For what? We have this idea in our minds that life should be 80-100 years. And when we get slapped in the face by reality, we say things like “too young”.

There are no guarantees. And we should not be so foolish to plan and act like there are guarantees; like there’s a fixed set of life experiences to which we are entitled.


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Why do we try so hard to preserve memories in photographs? In memorabilia?

We try to strengthen the bonds we have, to reinforce them. To give them memorable power later when those connections are dried up and almost gone.

Why do we try so hard to establish ourselves in the hearts and minds of others. Because we don’t want to be forgotten. We want to matter to others and be part of their vines, and they of ours. We want not only to be important (although in this age many stop there), but we want to be felt and known. We want to be a positive presence for others.

Dear B

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No one will care, their lives are going too fast.

Even I did not know what to say. Who does? There is truly nothing anyone can do.

How do you explain life calamity to a child? A daughter?

How do you comfort an uncertain, scared, and grieving wife?

People will try to care, but they don’t know how to. We are all disconnected. We are all living so fully in the dark. We do not know loss.

We do not know death.

So we cannot reach in and feel anything unless it hits us directly and with someone close.